Friday, July 11, 2014

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta, Thailand

The next stop on our journey took us to a larger and sleepier Island full of lovely beaches, delicious food and ultimate beauty. In Koh Lanta, just a hop skip and a jump from Koh Phi Phi, we stayed in beachside huts and hopped around the Island by loading our two families each onto a motorbike with our babies tucked safely between us. If I was to return to Thailand in search of relaxation and the good life this is the Island I would choose. By day we explored and swam and by night you could find us at Kwan's eating fresh fish and chatting with her and her lovely husband. We strolled the lovely main street in Old Town and rode our bikes down to the pier where we found a perfect, colorful playground community area for the little ones to let off some steam before dining on the waterfront. We stumbled on local markets full of fresh fish, fruits and plenty of treats, explored untouched beaches and biked down to paths leading to waterfalls in the jungle. Koh Lanta is a retreat  I hope to return to in the future when life is weighing too heavy and you need a place to remind you of the simplicity and beauty of it all. 

..Tips for Families..

- Rent a motorbike so you can have your freedom and explore thoroughly. Added bonus, kids will be enthralled with the experience and therefore the ride becomes part of the adventure
(equalling well behaved and content little thrill seekers!).

- Bring a good book (for you!) for the inevitable downtime of traveling with small ones 
(i.e. nap time, early nights, etc.).

- Teach your little ones a couple of words in the local language, this way they can socialize in their surroundings. Greetings and Thanks are always good ones, we taught our 2 year old to say Thank You in Thai and not only is it adorable but she can interact with the locals in the country she is visiting. 

- Bring a USB stick loaded with movies, many hotels (and we are staying budget) have televisions you can plug them into. This takes up no space and it is perfect for little tired bodies at the end of the evening or for those unfortunate days when they're not feeling great. 

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  1. I agree about Koh Lanta! It was definitely the most beautiful spot wasn't it?! I had to laugh at your bring a good book suggestion that three weeks I think I got about 2 hours in total of reading in!

    1. 2 glorious hours ;) Hehe... Rich said the same, he's been carrying an unopened book around for weeks. I've read four in that time but a lot, admittedly, during sleepy times when I probably should be sleeping too! I agree, definitely the most beautiful spot! We miss you guys! xx

  2. Hiya Vanessa hope you're home safe and all keeping well. This is great Aimee nicely done, jodes xxx

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