Friday, July 4, 2014

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

The first stop on our Round the Globe journey took us (after an hour on a bus and 3 hour boat ride from Phuket Airport) to Koh Phi Phi. After seeing "The Beach" I expected, even after being repeatedly warned otherwise, an untouched haven to rest and rebuild. While that was not the case, it was a wonderful place to begin. You can take half day trips to visit the local beaches by water taxi, stroll the street vendors shopping for sunnies and sandals, hop around sampling the delicious restaurants, duck away from the rain and enjoy a Thai iced tea in one of the little cafes or just simply sit on the beach and enjoy the view of brightly colored wooden boats and aqua seas. At night there is a great buzz on the Island and after dinner we would stop to see the fire twirlers, have a laugh with the locals hanging outside their shops while they pinched the little ones cheeks and fed them sweets and then sit on our balconies with iced cold beers while the kids had an evening swim before we showered the days sand out of their hair and tucked their sleepy little sun kissed bodies into bed. It was much busier, much more built up than expected and definitely not the peaceful haven where Leo swims off to meet his future in Hollywoods rendition - but a great and highly recommended stop off none the less.

(Disclaimer: The Beach does exist and it is just a short water taxi from Phi Phi, so don't give up the fantasy ;)) 

..Tips for Families..

- Buy a cheap bucket and spade set from the local vendors. Ours so far has been a sandcastle builder, a kitchen play set where cupcakes and tea have been served by the pool or on the balcony on rainy days, a hat and a carry all. A child's imagination is endless - let them run with it and save space from carrying around too many playthings, then donate to the next family when you are returning home. 

- Splurge on a place with A/C. I have done both traveling with a little one and it is always worth the few extra bucks to have a cool place to retreat to when the heat gets too much midday and you can all siesta comfortably. I have found it is usually only a small extra expense. 

- If staying in a hotel try to barter for an included breakfast, not only does it save on funds it is also incredibly convenient and relaxing to be able to roll out of bed and just march the troops to the breakfast table.

- Go with the flow, accept the fact that traveling with children is going to be a much slower experience than you can expect from backpacking or traveling before. Plan small adventures and take it easy. For the little ones the walks to the destination and all the new sight, smells, tastes, animals and customs can be adventure enough. 

- Off season is a great time to visit Thailand with children, accommodation is much cheaper, the streets and sights are less crowded and easier to navigate. The rain comes for about an hour or so a day but its a perfect time to rest up for wherever the rest of the day make take you. 

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  1. You are sooooooooooooooooooo lucky! I clicked over and looked at your photos and I am GREEN I tells ya! And this is just the beginning... x

    1. O know Bron, I can hardly believe it myself :) Such a beautiful (and at times completely crazy!!) experience traveling with a little one. x