Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to You.

Krabi, Thailand

Today was your birthday beautiful man, and oh what a day it was! We started off by boarding a truck to a tuk tuk to the shore where we would spend the day island hopping on a wooden long tail boat. What we had envisioned was sunbathing, snorkeling, clear seas and an unforgettable day of family fun. What we got was seasickness, torrential downpours, jellyfish stings and a heaping handful of hilarious tales two family's can laugh over throughout the years. Your day was just as crazy as you sweet thing..
Happy Birthday, here's to many, many more! xo


  1. Happy birthday Rich!! Sounds like you had a memorable day. Love lizzy and emil x x

  2. Eyy happy birthday, gee I think you guys may be starting a tradition ... alternating overseas birthday destinations ! jodes xxx