Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kids Clothes Week

1-3 Pinwheel Dress with added peter pan collar.
10-12 Greta Doll

This weeks Kids Clothes Week came early for me as I knew I would be on the road for the actual week. I also needed a few staple items for our adventure so our last week in Melbourne I was glued to the sewing machine, creating and mending. The pinwheel dress is a favorite of mine when paired with a lovely colorful fabric. It was inspired by the early sixties children's fashion, a Sally Draper when she was still a little cherub and before her tween wild child days. It is perfect for when you're heading somewhere a little snazzy but leaves room for childhood twirls and whirls. The Soleil apron dress is the perfect outfit for a sunny holiday or those unbearable Aussie heatwaves. It leaves the back open for a cool breeze and still keeps them in style. The Sydney Pinafore is perfect for those kids (like mine!) who hate getting dressed, its easy to slip over their head while chasing them down the corridor, you can pop it right on before they even know what hit them! And finally the Greta Doll... I wanted a rag doll for my baby-lovin lady and since I am the master of procrastination I didn't have time for trial and error DIY since I sewed her together the eve before our trip so I bought this pattern and I am so glad I did. It's super cute with a lot of alternatives and theres even a fella you can stitch up to accompany her if you so wish.

Off to Scotland, Hope you had a great KCW!

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