Saturday, July 26, 2014

Borough Market, London

 Borough Market, London

With London being one of the most magnificent cities in the world you could expect nothing less than the same from its finest marketplace. One of my favorite stops off when I hit LondonTown is the Borough Market. You can find so many delicious treats there, from local cheeses, chutneys and oysters to craft beers and wines to ostrich and kangaroo patties and jerky. It can get a bit pricey but it's lovely to just walk around and sample the deliciousness that's on offer and then treat yourself to a £3 glass of bubbles and a chorizo roll while enjoying the people watching. You could also cruise their online recipe page where the meals are made using the produce, meats and spices from the market and pick up some goodies to cook it up yourself at home. Yum! 

Open for Lunch 
Mon-Tues: 10-5
Full Market
Wed-Thurs: 10-5
Friday: 10-6
Sat: 8-5

Tube Station: London Bridge