Monday, July 21, 2014


Brighton, UK

With such luck we hit England in a sunny spell and determined to make the most of it we headed south to Brighton. It was like a wonderland for all of us there, for you there were sandpits full of kids and buckets and pails, a swimming area just your height, a pier full of games, merry-go-rounds and ice creams. For the rest of us there were cold beers, fish and chips on the beach, a smooth ocean for swims and dips and lane ways full of lovely pubs and restaurants. It was a magical day for all and your only complaint was your restriction from the roller coasters and big kid rides, you wild little soul. Just a short train ride from London, I can't believe we hadn't made it there on our previous journeys but to share it with you for the first time was definitely worth the wait! 


  1. a perfect day by the seaside! One day way too soon she will be big enough for those crazy rides crazy gal xxx jode

  2. That's where we're from! I'm glad to see it looked after you well :) x

    1. I was thinking about that Maria! It was an impromptu and spontaneous trip so I didn't have time to check your website for local tips unfortunately :( Had a great day though - what a beautiful place and such a wonderland for the little ones, we joke it must have been the best day of her life ;) X