Thursday, August 4, 2016


"A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week in 2016"

Lottie: Ginger Princess, theres never a dull day in your presence. 

Róisín: Play school. Today is your very first day at occasional care. you are spending 4 hours playing and interacting and being well looked after while your mama gets some work done and your sister is at kinder. Your milestones have seemed to skyrocket - you walked at 10 months, you've almost got a full set of front teeth, when asked where your little nose is you can point to it and say "Dere!" and you chat away on the telephone to your grandmothers in a string of goos and gaas, always beckoning for the phone when Im on it. 3 weeks til your first birthday and you seem so grown already. Slow down baby doll, theres plenty of time for that! 


  1. Such cuties and that facepaint is so pretty!

  2. Wow, amazing face painting! And I love that age around that first birthday, where all those new things are coming so thick and fast! #livingarrows

  3. They're both so cute - I love the face paint! Thanks for linking up with #LivingArrows