Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Day at the Beach.


The days have been full and you have been wild and disoriented after our move. At times like this you just need to call up your closest girlfriend and head to the beach - which is exactly what we did. We had brunch and then headed for the sea where you took off like a rocket for the water and ran straight in fully dressed, giggly and squishing your little piggy's in the sand. You ran around soaking wet and the only thing that could drag you away was the promise of St Kilda's famous cake shops. You ate biscuits with silly icing faces and clapped for the street circus performer and fell asleep like a little koala in my arms on the way back. When things get overwhelming I need to remind myself to drop everything for a bit, call in back up and remember there is nothing a little sand and sunshine can't fix..

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