Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving on ...

Today we turned turned in the keys to our little miners cottage, said goodbye to our favorite neighborhood and got ready for all the things to come. This move is the beginning of so many upcoming adventures, but those were all at the back of my mind when I thought over the last couple of years and our time in this tiny home. So many firsts. Your first little crawl, then step and skip, then full on run. Your first words, teeth, friends. The first time you crawled from bed, slid off the edge and walked off into the house on your own and in a moment you were free and independent and our lives changed forever. Our first piece of adult furniture we ever purchased, that fantastic L-shaped couch that pulled out into a full sized bed where we had movie nights and lazy Sundays (which were actually Mondays since it was the first day of a chefs weekend) that would occasionally roll over to Tuesdays. The second room that housed so many loved ones as they passed through Melbourne or began their new lives here or simply needed a warm place to sleep after a long night. That oversized tub that fit a whole family and a little girls favorite baby doll. Evening wines and chats in the tiny garden while sat around on milk crates. The front porch sofa gathering spot where poetry, politics and - most of all - nonsense was discussed over cans of Stout. Neighbors that popped their heads over the fence and through the lime tree to say hello and have a laugh. What a beautiful time in life, here's hoping the next memories are just as sweet.
Goodbye little home. Thanks for all the love. xo


  1. The way you write about your memories in this home, it beautiful to read!
    Good luck on your move, and I hope the next memories will be as beautiful.
    You know they say, it doesn't matter where you are, but who you have with you.

    We are moving soon as well btw. I', looking forward to it so so much.

    1. Thank you so much and you're right, its the home you create with the loved ones who fill it that matters, wherever that may be.

      Good luck on your move as well, it's such an exciting time!