Thursday, May 17, 2018

On the Road.

It's been so very long away from this space. I had decided to move on, archive it and focus soley on my business website and blog - there's enough hours there to fill more than my extra amount of time. I clicked over one last time, started scrolling and realised this space was worth a couple after baby bedtime hours to keep it moving. The blurry photos and sewing of a over exhausted new mother away from her home and village that began this space. The colourful photos and stories that followed us on a 6 month backpacking adventure around the world with a 2 year old. The lapse in time when Rich and I switched roles and I returned to work with a baby Róisín growing inside me. The first year of her life documented in the 52 weeks of photos of my daughterS!
The last year has been a year of growth - and silence on here. A business was born, an old caravan was built into a mobile home for us, a baby became a toddler (possibly the bravest and most energetic toddler in the world - whew!) and a family has made a dream become a reality. We've been on the road for about a month now, wandering and reconnecting after a year of long working hours, first years of school and creche and utter exhaustion. Rich almost lost a finger on the build, we fought and made up and laughed and cried but here we are, together and living a life of togetherness and adventure.
I loved reliving our last adventure through these pages, a baby Lottie wandering the streets of Thailand, in fairy wings with her cousin in London, roadtripping in Iceland, running a muck in NYC, a summer at home in Ohio and exploring Machu Picchu in Peru. I am so grateful for those pictures and words, so I will continue them on here - for hopefully many more adventures to come. 

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