Thursday, February 25, 2016


Since the day the ultrasound told us another little girl was to be I knew you and your little sibling would have a very special bond but I didn't know just how beautiful it would be until I looked out our dusty little window upon this. The other eve when we returned home there was a special package waiting on our porch, a little wooden play cabinet with tiny hooks for little tin tea cups and shelves for plates and pots and felt foods, left by a beloved friend. While you were at preschool I set up a backyard kitchen with the one one your Dada built you for your first birthday and this beautiful new addition and a side table with a couple tiny chairs for tea parties. You were so excited when you got home and begged for me to put your little sister in your play pram so she could sit up and 'play' with you. I figured this would be short lived so I did so and waited closely for you to yell to bring her back inside. I sat down for a cup of tea and to discretely peak upon you two from the glass door but when I turned around the look of sheer joy on little Rosie's face was too much and I secretly watched you feed her fake cakes and teas and whisper in her ears while you giggled away. She took each piece like it was a treasure handed down from her favourite one, which in a way it was, and of course in her baby way stuck it straight in her mouth like it was the mouth watering delight it claimed to be. Seeing you two smile and play my mind imagined all the beautiful adventures life will take you on together, even if they're just late nights up giggling at inside jokes in the comfort of your own beds. May your love for each other always be this strong - and on the days it seems wavering (heres to you teenage years!), may I hold this day in my head - with an extra large glass of Shiraz and a smile ;)

(Disclaimer - this is an incredibly stable wooden pram and I was literally two steps away - breathe easily grandmas!) 

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