Wednesday, February 3, 2016


"A photo of my daughters once a week, every week in 2016"

Lottie: The day before your birthday and we asked what things you wanted to do while still a 3 year old girl? So we did all your favourites, starting the day with hot chocolates, jam donuts and a bouncey castle at the market, a romp in the park, a dip in the swimming pool and finally finishing off your day at our favorite local pub with music and hot chips surrounded by people who love you, staying up too late and laughing all the way. My girl your becoming everything I could ever wish for you and more, Im so glad I get to be your mama and witness it all.

Róisín: Nothing for teething like sucking on a cold glass tucked safely in the arms of your Daddy. I love this photo because it just emphasises your ever present, already huge smile. If happiness was a being, it would be you little one. 


  1. Such a contrast in photos. I love the one of Lottie - great colour, and she looks so tiny against the bouncy castle #livingarrows

  2. Beautiful photos! Sounds like a great day to spend the last day of any year. Your photo of Róisín brought back memories of favourite photos of my daughter- usually pressed up against a pint of Guiness! x