Friday, November 13, 2015


" A portrait of my daughters once a week, every week in 2015"

Grand Final Day

Rosie Lou: Róisín the dream. Girl, if I could design a baby, that babe would be you. You are 2 months old, sleeping huge stretches during the night, when you do get up for a feed you wake me with the sweetest of coos and then smile and giggle at me before drinking a bit and falling back to your little dreamland. Your squishy cheeks and baby bits are still as soft as the moment you came out and you look like a mini elfin creature that should be frolicking the forests laughing all the way. I hope I don't jinx myself (and as a somewhat experienced mother, that is most certainly what I am doing) but someone surely cut me some slack with you after 3 1/2 years of raising (chasing!) a redheaded wild child!

Lottie Cakes: You were the big winner of the day and here you are loading your riches, all twelve dollars and fifty cents of them, into your little blue piggy bank with the sass you apply to most things in life. This week you learned a few flamenco moves so your dress you insist on wearing daily is no longer just purely decorative. Your wild, have a ridiculous fashion sense and an untamed flair for the dramatic, you may look nothing like your dear old ma but we share many many of the same traits :)

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