Thursday, October 1, 2015


" Portraits of my daughters once a week, every week in 2015"

Lottie Cakes: My girl in all her finery. A trip to the zoo is no excuse for anything less than fabulous ;) 
You have been taking your new role very seriously and when asked if you like being a big sister you reply with "Yea, but it's hard work!" You poor overworked soul, it must be so tough!
Seeing you girls together is a new love and oh how sweet it is..

Rosie Lou: It's funny how quickly personalities form. We joke that your sister came out cheeky, she was silently giggling at us long before her vocals came. You, my girl, have a much subtler way about you. A twinkle in your eye and a sweet little smirk are more your style. You sleep so much we tease that you are just faking, opening one eye to see what this wild family you were thrust into is up to before retreating back to your faux peaceful dream land. Whatever the story is, it will reveal itself as you grow and I love being along beside you for the ride my gentle lady. 

Lottie & Rosie: My girls with their biggest fan. They say your daddy sets the bar for all men who are to come into your life in the future, if that theory is true than you are 2 lucky girls and mama can rest easy knowing you've seen the best from the start and know exactly what to look for. My heart in one photo, who knew a wild weekend in the forests of Ireland and a smooch in the rain five wonderful  years ago would be the stepping stone to such a beautiful story? 

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