Saturday, September 12, 2015

A name for our lovely lady ...

After weeks (2 to be exact) of deliberation we have decided on a name for our newest little lady. We had a few names picked out but when she came she was the sweetest little soul, gentle and light and the choices we had made before meeting her seemed all wrong. So here she is, our darling little 
Róisín Lois

Róisín - a lovely and special name from Ireland, where her parents met and fell in love in the majestic green countryside. It means 'little rose' and is also the way the Irish kept their patriotic song and poetry alive in the sixteenth century after it had been outlawed. They would disguise their nationalistic verses and love songs and sing of "Róisín Dubh" (Dark Little Rose) as the poetic symbol for their country. 

Lois - For my great grandmother, Róisín and Lotties Great Great - who, luckily for us, is still around today. She is the gentlest woman on earth who helped raise me under the Appalachian sky, barefoot amongst the hummingbirds and sunflowers. All through Rosie's first week of life and occasionally even now I can smell her and its the sweetest smell I know. 

Welcome to the world Little Rosie, our gentle little butterfly. xo

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