Monday, July 13, 2015

Times, they are a changing ...

So many changes over the past few months, which explains the quietness in this space and the bi-monthly photo posts as opposed to the regular weekly catch-up. In around 6 weeks 3 will become 4 and then about 6 weeks after that our family will receive another blessing and Lottie will get her first Aussie cousin. The family is growing quickly and excitement is up as we prepare for the next chapter and all the sweet smells, cuddly little feets and baby giggles it entails. Amongst all this news I started a new job, my first real job in my field since the birth of my little red and while the hours were long and the exhaustion and swollen ankles were huge it was funny timing and a great experience. I won't wait as long to return after this little one but I have a great little helper now and a good few weeks to rest, relax, nest and have plenty of PJ parties with Tiny while she is still an only child.
"We are a little bit people but we are so much Flamily" - Lottie Claire 

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