Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle, Iceland

A 300 kilometer / 190 mile magical loop from the capital to central Iceland and back around. Featuring the Geysir - from which all others are named, a waterfall of massive proportions and the original parliament to name a few. A wonderful way to spend a day exploring, whether driving, bus touring or hitching along for the beautiful ride. We hired a car and waited for a day where we felt like a long, lazy ride and taking our time whilst taking in the lush scenery and slow cups of tea along the way. The Icelandic scenery is like no other I have seen, the air is so fresh and the sunshine so soothing you just want to lay back and nap underneath while it rests softly upon your face. If you decide to go along for the ride be sure to bring waterproof boots, lots of layers and leave plenty of time for aimless wanderings. 


  1. Your shared images are really nice and represent the best trip for you. I have visited there before us west coast tours with my friends. The Golden Circle Island is a popular Island rout in South Iceland. Millions of visitors came here to inspire the beauty of nature. Golden circle falls is also known as Gullfoss Waterfalls. We are enjoying there.

    1. Thank you jANI Jack! It is truly a magical route :)