Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stills: NYC

New York City

1. Beast Breakfast
2. Reuben
3. These Two.
4. Hot Dog Happiness
5. Rainbow Kinda Day
6. Double Trouble
7. Big City BBQ
8. Funny Bunny
9. Fwoggy
10. Whats Dat Noise?!


  1. New York New York love that place (now in hindsight ;) love these photos love you guys! Little Lottie's met her doppelganger in NYC? Richard must be hiding all that food in his toes and looks like a man on holidays! showed Sean and we were wishing we were there too xxx

  2. You are making us very jealous. Wonderful photos. Can't believe how alike Red and Lottie look from behind! When can we Skype? Love L&E xoxoxox