Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stills: Scotland

Edinburgh to Glasgow

1. Welcome Van
2. Scottish Matrimony
3. Lovely Rainy Day
4. Watch This.
5. Mama Love
6. The Festival
7. Cone Head
8. Front Garden
9. Commonwealth Games
10. Crackling
11. Modern Art
12. Iron Bru


  1. Wow, Glasgow looks positively alive with fun and colour. So much energy and happiness in these photos! Dropping in to say "hello" via The Bettle Shack - Have a great week x

    1. Thanks Michelle! Glasgow was amazing, we really lucked out with the sunshine. Thanks for dropping in :)

  2. That tartan bus 'welcome' is wonderful and the photos look like such fun! We're going to Scotland for Christmas (hopefully my first white Christmas ever!) and I'm so excited - these photos really make me wish I could be there now though!

    1. Christmas in Scotland will be magical! Looking forward to seeing your pics :)

  3. Gorgeous images! I especially love the 'lovely rainy day' so happy!
    I popped over from The Beetle Shack and am so pleased that I did.