Monday, June 30, 2014

Pattern Shop Now Open!


The Sew Lottie Da Pattern Shop is now officially open! 
Featuring sewing patterns for the home seamstress to stitch up for your little ones. They are all in PDF format and will be available for you immediately after purchase to print out and save on your home computer. Great for keeping and reprinting for your little ones as they grow. All patterns come with detailed instructions and photographs and are suitable for all levels of sewing experience.

Come check out our shop now and receive a discount coupon for friends of the blog valid until the 15th of July. Just pop in to and put in the code FRIENDS20 at checkout to receive 20 percent off all purchases!

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014" 
Phuket, Thailand
Lottie Cakes: The best cure for a busted lip at the pier, or anywhere for that matter, a delicious Icy Pole and a daddy cuddle. You were so brave little one and your battle wounds so far on this adventure have proven your not wasting any time or worry in having the time of your life. Busted Lips, Bruised and Scratched Knees, the sprinkling of freckles appearing on your little sun kissed nose.

Our days have slowed drastically. Mornings that begin with cuddles, fresh fruit and swims. Afternoons of beers, juices and siestas. Evenings of strolls, fresh seafood and the buzz of Island life. Spending every day, all day together dancing to silly music, never having to tell you to hold on while other duties of life beckon, because the only duties there are now are enjoying each other and our surroundings.

You are a little superstar with your ginger locks, like you have always been when we're visiting Asian countries. Yesterday a group of tourists bombarded you as you were trying to wheel your little suitcase up the hill. They knocked you over and picked you back up to circle around you with peace signs held high and cameras snapping. You handled it like a trooper, posing like this was the norm and looking towards me until I came over and swooped you away from the swarm. Absolute Madness.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014


"A Portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014"

Lottie Cakes: Yellow Fever vaccinated and ready for the Amazon! When we got home you showed off your "ouchies" to your grandparents and then told them you got a lolly for your troubles. When they asked you if it was worth it you matter-of-factly answered "YES!"

The twos can be terrible when your over-tired or over-sugared but this week I am finding you oh so sweet and cuddly. In the morning you wake up with a smile and an "I wuv you mummy" followed by eskimo kisses and little milky morning breath. It's pretty hard to have too bad a day when they start out like that!

You have started reading us stories, sometimes with the book upside down and often with mostly words of gibberish but done with such enthusiasm it's hard not to applaud your effort. 

I have been slacking on this space as of late but for an important cause. In three sleeps time we embark on a round the world journey with one mama, one papa, one wild child and three backpacks. Next weeks photo will feature a sunscreen laden ginger girl in Thailand. 

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Sunday, June 15, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014"

Lottie Cakes: You are growing so quickly and taking in so much. Sometimes (all the time) your wit and humor amaze me. You keep us in stitches tiny lady.
Your imagination is endless, when we wake in the morning I ask about your dreams and you tell me stories of dinosaurs, sheep and airplanes that you experienced in your sleep time. 
You are wild and fiery like your ginger locks and I wonder how I'll ever keep up. 
Lately you've been asking for a baby, a sister or a sometimes a boy. We'll see little one, we'll see...

Gypsy the BabyDog: My sweetheart, my first baby girl, my darling temperamental ball of cuddles who has travelled 3 continents by my side. Today we took you to see your new temporary home while we will be away. You will be snuggled into the other redhead in your life while we are off on our travels and you will have your own holiday, living on the beach. I miss you already.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014"

Lottie Cakes: Sweet Dreams little darling. This photo is dark and blurry but it pretty much sums our week. You have been sick and coughy as have I and we can't wait until our sunny getaways. Melbourne's wintertime may finally be upon us and we're really feeling it in our bones. In this photo you crawled up on the sofa and in a couple minutes you were fast asleep, tiny little snores floating in the air. You have spent many a night and a nap time this week tucked away on my chest with your little koala arms wrapped around me. I wonder how long this will last - my baby in my arms snuggled  into me. I am hoping forever but I know these days are precious and limited so ill enjoy your toddler smell and those tiny kisses and hugs while I can.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014


"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"
Anais Nin

These wise words resonate in my head often. Their truth and simplicity seem so obvious when you say them out loud but when you are in the thick of life they are easily overlooked. I have recently took a step back, re-evaluated and looked at things around me and realized the only change I have control of is from within. My lack of patience is not to be put onto others with blame, other peoples negativity doesn't seep into me unless I let it and looking at things from the eyes of others only broadens my viewpoint on the subject, never narrowing it. Unkind words aimed at me with no starting point have nothing to do with me, they have to do with the one who throws them and I must strive never to be that pitcher and to be empathetic to the one that is. They are having a much harder time than they are able/willing to express and we all know how that can feel.

The world lost a beautiful woman this week. A strong, fearless, inspiring human, the kind I want my daughter to look up to and aspire to such ways of thinking. Maya Angelou said, among many insightful things, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."

So right you were Dr. Angelou!

Taking these photos today reminded me when things are difficult, seeming unbearable or just aren't going the  way I would like, I need to get up shift myself and change perspective.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stills: The Week That Was.

1. Roast
2. Grandparents
3. Showers brought flowers
4. Teddys Break
5. Mother's Day Leftovers
6. End of the Week Treats
7. Sunday Session
8. Tiny Pals
9. Artiste
10. Birthday Kale

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