Monday, April 7, 2014

Sew: Kids Clothes Week (Day One)


Today is the first day of Kids Clothes Week, a collective sew-a-long in which you pledge an hour a day to sewing and creating for your favorite little ones. Throughout the week I will be sharing home-sewn goodness and updating the ever-growing Tiny Lady's wardrobe along the way. Honestly this couldn't have come at a better time, last week when I dropped her off at play school I turned around for a final goodbye wave and saw that I had sent her into the big bad world with her pants high above her little ankles. Shame Shame mama bear... 
I got a little over excited and started my week this weekend, which you may have noticed if you popped in here yesterday. Due in part to the above circumstances I pulled out one of my very favorite patterns and a piece of floral print fabric loveliness I purchased a few weeks back. These pants were made with the HOSH pants pattern by LouBee Patterns. This Pattern is a staple to have on hand because you will always find a funky little stretch fabric that would look AMAZING in these. The waistband is made with buttonhole elastic so it stretches and grows with them and the fit is perfection. I purchased this PDF pattern about a year ago and when I received it in my inbox I emailed Sarah, the designer, asking her where she got the fantastic fabric she used on her example pair. She immediately emailed me back giving me her favorite online resources and where to find the best deals - That's what I call customer service! I'd give these pants (and Sarah herself) 5 huge golden stars. 

Now, for those Pants... 
Verdict: She Loves!

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